Sea Light International Marine Service – has more than 16 years of experience in working on shipping operation, ship repair, new & 2nd hand Good condition spare parts supply and marine services on home & abroad. We can provide all services, such as: ship repair, spare parts supply and maintenance of equipment, materials in the Chittagong port, Bangladesh. We are committed to performing the highest quality marine repair and service with the quickest possible turnaround

The company brings together experienced specialists. The highly motivated technicians are well versed in all repair tasks and support you in Chittagong & Mongla port, Bangladesh. We export and supply all sorts of marine/industrial spare parts all over the world as per requirements.

Why Choose Us?

To exceed our outstanding record of serving the Bangladeshi ports with superior products, reliable service and competitive prices.

To guarantee our clients a superior customer-service experience with an inventory that meets all their vessel needs and delivery on a 24/7 basis throughout the year.

To build on our credibility as the one-stop shopping choice for the marine equipment industry, which we have been for over 16 years.