Our SCUBA diving service is a commercial diving unit. Originally it is a group of EX- Bangladesh Navy diving term started underwater Marine Survey, Scuba diving and life saving training and Rescue man & materials, sea & river bank protection works & provide skill diver’s information to recruiting companies. Rescue SCUBA stared commercials activities independent from 1996. It is the first underwater modern technique SCUBA diving organization of Bangladesh.


Nature of diving activities of 

1. Underwater hull clearing of ship, pontoon.

2. Underwater polishing of ship propellers.

3. Underwater inspection, maintenance and repair of surface ship.

4. Sea and river bank protection works and maintenance.

5. Underwater project work, bridge work, construction works

6. Anchor cable fouling survey and subsequent clearing.

7. Inspection and renewal of zinc anodes.

8. Sales, rental and repair of commercial diving equipment.

9. Inspection, clearing of under water suction of hydro-power station.

10. SCUBA training and tour diving.

11. Diving inspection before docking and after docking.

12. Submarine cable laying works.